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Clive R Parrott

March 1945 – March 1995

Age 50

 The following obituary was published in The Ringing World of 19th May 1995 (Page 536) and the 1995 Annual Report of the Bedfordshire Association of Church Bell Ringers (Page 25) 

Clive Parrott was one of those very rare people who can make things happen.   At no time was this more evident than when it was decided to go ahead with the re-hanging of the bells at Kempston, and later when the two trebles were added to make a ring of ten.

Clive was involved with all the fund raising, and led the organising of the main events, including a weekend Arts & Crafts Festival, which resulted in a major contribution to the funds.

It is said that no-one is indispensible but during the course of that project Clive came very close to being so.   Without him I very much doubt that the project would have proceeded, and it is possible that by now Kempston bells would be unringable, such was the condition of the frame in 1975.

Not only was Clive full of ideas for fund raising but he had the gift of being a good communicator and organiser, with the ability to spread his own obvious enthusiasm for the task in hand.   On top of all this he did more than his share of the physical work.   One of my happiest memories of Clive is the many cold winter evenings spent in the centuries of grime up in the tower removing the old frame.   With Clive, Horace Gilbert and George Hutchings together, the situation could become quite hilarious.   Mugs of tea were regularly supplied by Margaret and brought across the church yard from his cottage by one of his daughters.

The same cottage has seen many New Year’s Eve gatherings of ringers and friends, some so crowded that the only space left was on the stairs.

Clive had been, at various times, choirboy, verger, church warden, and parish councillor, and was chairman of the Garden Club, which he founded.   He was also a bell ringer.   According to my records he rang 5 peals, all at Kempston.

Following the funeral service on 7th April, for which the church was more than full, half muffled Grandsire Caters was rung as the possession made its way to the nearby cemetery.

To lose such a man at such an early age, he was just 50, is a great loss not only to the ringers and to the parish in general, but mainly to Margaret, his children and grandchildren, and to them we extend our most sincere sympathy.



Kempston, Beds   Wednesday 19th April 1995

A Peal of 5040 Cambridge Surprise Royal in 3 Hours 18 Minutes

(Comp W E Critchley)

1    Charlotte M Smith

2    Rosalind J Keech

3    Anthony H Smith (C)

4    Clive G Smith

5    Frank W Rivett

6    Christopher J Pickford

7    David A Potts

8    Richard J Hillson

9    Clifford W Izzard

10  Andrew M Keech

By friends of Clive R Parrott in appreciation of his life and work at this church and in the local community