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Leonard Turner 


Age 81

 The following obituary was published in The Ringing World of 12th October 1973 (Page 824)

Leonard Turner was a lifelong resident of Kempston, Beds, and a ringer at All Saintsí for over 60 years, so it was with deep regret that the present band heard of his death as they assembled to ring for Evensong on July 15.     

He learned to ring before the first world war and took The Ringing World from Issue No.1.   His ringing progress was interrupted by his Army service during the Great War, but on returning to Kempston he began change ringing, after travelling many miles on foot, and later bicycle, to ring at other towers.   In 1920 Mr. P. Inskip took over the leadership at Kempston and Len helped him to teach a new band the art of change ringing.   Mr. Inskip also has recently died. 

Mr. Turner was associated with all the landmarks in the ringing history of All Saintsí, having rung in the first peal by a local band (Bob Minor) on February 7, 1923, conducting the first peal of Treble Bob (seven methods) by a local band on October 27, 1930, and ringing the 7th in a peal of Bob Major on December 11, 1948.   This was his first peal of Major and also the first on the bells, two new trebles having been added that year.

Throughout the years he remained a regular Sunday service ringer and only recently was unable to attend as often as he would have wished.

As one of the founder members of our change ringing band, he will always be remembered and greatly missed at Kempston and by the older members of the Bedfordshire Association.